Introducing Alpha Plus Educational Systems.

Alpha Plus Educational Systems is Written BY Oklahoma Teachers FOR Oklahoma Teachers

  • Alpha Plus uses research-based methods to help schools improve performance of every child.
  • Teachers and administrators learn to use data in making decisions that improve instruction and school performance.

Our team consists of trained, experienced Oklahoma Educators.
Our CEO, Jan Barrick, has been an educator since 1973. She's been helping schools and teachers outperform the state average since 1990.

Since 1990, Alpha Plus Educational Systems has been customizing services to meet the needs of:

  • Rural,
  • Suburban, and
  • Urban schools.

Alpha Plus data and training helps educators improve:

  • Instruction,
  • State-mandated test scores,
  • A-F Report Card grades, and
  • Federally regulated performance in English/reading, mathematics and science. 

Alpha Plus schools have outperformed the state average for every year of the A-F Report Cards.
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Helping Schools Make the Grade Since 1990