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Alpha Plus Success with OAS Books & Materials

Introducing the only curriculum aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)!

Success with OAS: English Language Arts
Grades 3-8


Real-life Snapshot of Teachers Using Alpha Plus Success with OAS MaterialsAs soon as new ELA standards were adopted by the state of Oklahoma, the Alpha Plus educator team went to work realigning materials to the 2021 OAS.

Each book supports instruction in the OAS objectives for ELA at each grade level.

All books are structured using research-based elements of effective instruction:
    • Real-World Connections
    • Modeling/Guided Practice
    • Vocabulary
    • Independent Practice
    • Continuous Practice
    • Extensions Activities: Expanded with more writing opportunities
    • Teacher Guide: Instructional how-to for each objective includes NEW Writing Supplements section, OAS Glossary and Comprehensive (end-of-year) assessment.

Below are some sample pages from the beautifully written and designed pages Success with OAS ELA.

Sample Success with OAS ELA Table of Contents alongside the state standards shows how the books are arranged according to the OAS.

Alpha Plus Success with ELA Books align to the state OAS standards


Sample pages from the 4th Grade ELA student book showing the numbered objective with its vocabulary words, Real-World Connections part of the lesson and the Guided Practice part of the lesson.

Alpha Plus Success with OAS ELA Books Numbered Objectives with Vocabulary and Real-Wold Connections


Sample lesson from 3rd Grade ELA student book showing a portion of the questions and the Continuous Practice for that objective.

Alpha Plus Success with OAS ELA Books include Independent and Continuous Practice


Sample Lesson from another part of the 3rd Grade student book showing the OAS Glossary information.

Alpha Plus Success with OAS ELA 3rd Grade Book Shows Sample of OAS Glossary Information


Below, examples of the NEW ELA Writing Supplements section: Writing Supplements Contents, Modified Paragraph Organizer, and Plot Curve.

writingAlpha Plus Success with OAS ELA Books Include Writing Supplements Section

Evidence of Effectiveness of the
Alpha Plus Success with OAS program in ELA and Mathematics

Alpha Plus Success with OAS ELA Books provide evidence of effectiveness in better proficiency rates.


Success with OAS English Language Arts, 3-8th gradesSuccess with OAS English Language Arts, 3-8th grades

published by Alpha Plus Systems, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK

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You can view sample books for each of the 3-8th grade ELA. Please click on the image of each book to download that sample PDF. Enjoy!